Tips to Improve Your Custom Lip Balm Boxes

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Tips to Improve Your Custom Lip Balm Boxes

Lip balm is a product that is used in daily routine to provide hydration and make them smooth or soft. Some brands products lip balm without any extra tint and color. On the other side, some brands use minor tints that create using natural extracts like strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and blackberry. So every consumer buys lip balms as per their favorite flavor. But these lip balms need to pack in the esthetic packaging boxes. As we know, lip balms are lip care products, so if you can use low quality and premade boxes, then now one trust on them to get quality products. On this subject, the best option is custom lip balm boxes that look catchy and fetching to pack your products.

Why does Lip Balm Need Strong Packaging?
Lip balm is made with organic elements like beeswax, fruit pigments, carrier oils, and essential oils that contain multiple vitamins that nourish the user's lips. These ingredients have a threat to damage with the exposure to sunlight due to harmful UV printing rays. Also, it fills in the plastic made and glass holder that easily breaks if your product feels down on the floor. So, be cautious and choose the right custom lip balm boxes that are available in versatile sizes and styles to pack your lip balms. Let us see the tips that make your lip balm boxes more essential for your brands.

High-Quality Cardstock for Lip Balm Boxes
The first tip is to use quality cardstock for your lip balm boxes to portray the positive impression of the brand on your target audiences. Moreover, if you choose cardstock carefully, then you can create perfect lip balm packaging boxes that are durable and robust to hold your products.

However, you can use cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid cardstock to construct the lip balms boxes. Cardboard is famous in the industry to offer a pleasing and enchanting look to your products. But the perfect option is to use cardboard and Kraft packaging to cover your lip balms for your target audiences.

Print Esthetic Design on Lip Balm Box to Captivate the Customers Attention
The design of your lip balm packaging makes your brand recognizable in the clusters of competitors. If you use enchanting designs for your lip balms that rule on customers' minds, you can convert them into your potential customers. So, packaging suppliers offer countless dimensions for your lip balm cardboard packaging boxes related to the design patterns. Here is the list of some superlative designs from which you can play to make impeccable packaging boxes.

  • Blurring design
  • Marbling design
  • Holographic design
  • Intricate lines
  • Abstract design

Foil Stamping to Make Elegant Lip Balm Boxes
Well, if your lip balm packaging display boxes seem shinny to bring customers' attention and compel them to enter the cosmetic store to buy products, it works awesomely to enhance your sales. For this purpose, the use of foil stamping is perfect for packing your lip balms.

Moreover, you can use foil stamping for your logo, brand name, bar codes, taglines, and EST date on your lip balm box. Also, you can use the foiling effect for a particular design or text of the box of the product to make them visible to your audiences. Here are some catchy shades that are commonly available so you can pick according to your need.

  • Gunmetal
  • Rose gold
  • Soft pink
  • Dark hot pink
  • Burgundy
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Silver

Print Key Ingredient and Tint Shade for Product Info
Another tip that helps you build a large customer base is to provide ease to your customers with delivering your products info. So, you can print the chief ingredient and the tint shade of your lip balm on the box to provide information to your customers. As you know, brands offer multiple lip balms like raspberry, blackberry, watermelon, peach, orange, and jojoba. And, you sell strawberry lip balm, then you can print fresh strawberry pictures on your custom printed lip balm boxes.

Use of Punch Partitions with top Counter Display for Lip Balm
Make your lip balms are catchy and attention-seeking to represent on your counters. So, pick counter-top display boxes with punch partitions to separately hold your lip balms in each section. Also, use high-quality printing techniques and quality cardstock for the partitions for a positive image of your customers. If you need to supply many retailers and shopping malls with your lip balms, you must order this type of display lip balm box wholesale; it is a cost-effective option.

Blister Cardboard Back Packaging to Pack Your Lip Balms
The use of blister card packaging for lip balms is the most common choice that most brands have already adopted. "Maybelline New York" and Nivea are common examples of blister card packaging to pack lip balms.

This packaging style contains on tow materials one is cardboard and the other is PVC plastic. Blister card boxes have plastic blisters that look like a pocket for the product and stick on the cardboard-made back. This cardboard-made back has all printed information about the brand, products, MFG, expiry date, etc. Also, this card has information about ingredients and a QR scan code. Moreover, it has a punch hole on the top of the cardboard and plastic that help the product to hang on the wall and counters easily. You can make blister card packaging for many shapes and styles of lip balm.

Ending Up Thoughts
The essence of the discussion mentioned above is quite evident to explain why your lip balm needs to pack in custom lip balm boxes to improve your sales. So, choose high-quality cardstock for lip balms cartons and use esthetic design to captivate the customers for long-distance in a retail shop. Also, the use of partition securely holds your lip balms on the counter shelf. In addition, blister cardboard back packaging is also best to present your lip balms in front of your target audiences.

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